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Are you Vegan by Victoria's?

Yes, we have rebranded as Soy Concha Bakery. Same owners, same recipes, and always vegan!

Why did you change your name?

We decided to change our name just due to the fact that Vegan by Victoria's was a name we had kept due to our Santa Ana location already having the name Victoria's bakery. We felt it was never fully our business as none of us are named Victoria(we are Earvin & Kathy) and now that we've gotten the chance to give our business a name we picked Soy Concha Bakery. The name is a play on word as Soy Concha is a slang word/saying in spanish and we use soy milk in our conchas and other treats and conchas are what we are most known for.

Is your pan dulce gluten-free?

Unfortunately our pan dulce is not gluten free and we cannot make any of our pan gluten free. As you may known vegan doesn't mean gluten free. Occasionally we make our Salvadorian quesadilla that do not contain flour but it cannot be considered fully gluten free as we are not a gluten free bakery.

When is your East LA bakery opening?

As of now we have no known date of opening our bakery. Due to the current pandemic the process of getting inspection and permits has been slowed down and along the way we have had many set backs.

What makes your pan dulce vegan?

Traditional pan dulces contains eggs, milk, and lard(pig fat). Our pan dulce contains none of that and is made with all plant based substitutes including our sugar which is organic cane sugar due to most sugars used are processed through bone char. We go that extra step to ensure our sugar isn't processed through bone char and buy certified vegan organic cane sugar.

How can I order a vegan cake?

To order a vegan cake please reach out to Kathy who makes all cakes and let her know you would like a vegan cake. Her mobile work phone is (714)420-2464 text or call her with any cake photos/ideas and she will help you out.

I ordered shipping, where's my order?

Thank you for ordering! We ship all orders out the following Monday when your order is placed (eg. if you ordered on Wednesday your order will ship out the following Monday)